Rent or Lease Grundy Tanks
Rent or Lease Stainless Steel Grundy Tanks with PCM Capital.

Our leases are cash flow solutions for renting or leasing stainless steel Grundy Tanks! PCM uses a Master Lease, which provides your growing business the flexibility of scheduling additional/upgraded equipment.

Our flexible program includes:

  • Capital or Operating Lease
  • No long term commitment; just 18 month minimum
  • Adaptability and flexibility during challenging economic conditions
  • Low Monthly Rates
  • Rentals
  • Lease to Own
  • Flexible Residual Valuations

We provide the lowest monthly rates and in most cases, do not request up front capital, which improves your cash flow and satisfy your budget needs.

If you are unable to take advantage of accelerated tax depreciation, under an operating lease, we will take the depreciation credit and pass along the savings to you in lower monthly payments.

We keep it simple. We ensure the process of acquiring business essential equipment is kept quick and as efficient as possible, so our customers can spend more time doing what they do best, running their business!


Equipment leasing is an excellent way to grow or start your business with large cash outlays. Leasing offers real advantages. In most cases, the full amount of the equipment as well as shipping installation costs can be included int he lease. This spreads the cost evenly over the term of the lease, freeing up your money to work harder for you.


Every imaginable type of organizational lease throughout the world including, proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, religious, and non-profit organizations.

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