Grundy Tanks for Sale


If leasing isn’t for you, we also have Grundy Tanks for sale. Purchasing Grundy Tanks is another great option to grow your brewery.

Here are the features for a  264 gallon capacity Aseptic “Grundy” Portable Bulk Tank, 304 stainless steel, automated and hand welded construction:

  • Overall height of 74.01”
  • External diameter of 39.43”
  • 9.25” W x 3.15” H Fork lift channels
  • Cylindrical Shell strengthened with rolled reinforced rings; 0.08” thickness
  • 15.75” diameter top fill opening with closure with 6 locking nuts with seal provision and silicone manway gasket
  • One (1) threaded safety pressure relief valve (1 bar relief)
  • One (1) gas quick-connect connection ½” Parker Type purge inlet
  • 60° slope conical bottom drain with outlet 2 ½”pocket
  • Bottom drain with stainless butterfly valve with locking handle, and 2.5”
  • tri-clamp outlet
  • Side wall fitted with two (2) each 1.5” tri-clamps for optional temp probe, tasting valve, etc.
  • Square legs welded onto bumper ring and body
  • Floor protective nylon foot inserts
  • 14° F to 266° F working temperature
  • Stackable, fork liftable 2 sides, and pallet jackable 4 sides
  • Tare weight 350 lbs
  • Food grade interior and exterior surfacing, fully pickled with sanitary weld seams
  • Serial numbered with data plate
  • Bagged for shipment

Please call 888-551-5114 or fill out the form below for more information or a quote for purchase.